All of our PCBs are QMK and VIA compatible, so having them set up and programmed should be very straightforward with plenty of tutorials readily available. 

Much as we try to make our products as close to being perfect as possible, there are sometimes minor caveats that may or may not affect user experience. We constantly listen to our customers' feedback and encourage open discussion which is key to improve our product and service offerings. 

The best way to reach us is to join our Discord Server, and don't hesitate to send us a direct message. We can also be reached on Reddit (Username: u/Flying1911). We keep and update an online User Guide that contains notes for all of our product lineup (it is currently Google Docs - based until we move it onto a more elegant platform). 

If you are working on your own keyboards and need PCB files for fit testing, feel free to visit Mechlovin's Github where we keep STPs and firmwares for all previous PCB releases.