Our work encompasses two primary areas: PCB commission projects and providing readily available drop-in PCB solutions for your cherished boards. Regarding the former, we have had the privilege of collaborating with exceptionally talented keyboard designers, lending our expertise to their thrilling projects




Merisi Works Merisi Sessantacinque Finished
Merisi Works Merisi Dodici Finished
HAND Engineering Haus Finished
HAND Engineering Haus PCB v2 Finished
HAND Engineering 2000 Mini SE Ongoing
Ori.club CLS-1 TKL Finished
Ori.club CLS-2 65% Finished
Ori.club CLS-3 TKL Ongoing
Hex Keyboards Hex-6C Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-4B (in-stock run) Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-4B (group buy) Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-3C V2 Ongoing
Hex Keyboards Hex.50 FE Ongoing
Axiom Studio Alais Finished
H40 Amano (Round 1) Finished
H40 Amano (Round 2) Finished
Arctan Design03 Finished
Singa x TGR Mechlovin' x GSK Unikorn Finished
Singa x TGR Koalakorn Finished
JJW Derivative (R0) Finished
JJW Derivative (R1) Ongoing
Switch Couture Adelais PCB for Alice cases Finished
Keynergy Serratus Finished
GAF x TGR 910 Finished
LZ Keyboards ErGhost Finished
LZ Keyboards Ghost-CP Ongoing
NRD Kaze Finished
Protozoa Studio Foundation Finished
Haytco Cake60 Finished
dod.keyboards Saber 1800 Finished
Deadline Studio Retro66 Finished
Caffeinated Studio Rikia Ongoing
dnworks.co Ryujin Finished
Dunne Works Kitsune Finished
Bahm Studio Dolch 65 Finished
Keyverest Aster Ergo Finished
Rookedesign Chapter 2 R0 Finished
A7X Nika Finished
A7X Nika S Finished
Densus Alveus Finished
TGR x GSK x Mechlovin' 910 Ongoing


A significant portion of our workload is devoted to providing compatible PCB solutions for existing keyboards available in the market. We understand that many custom keyboard owners often face challenges when the bundled PCBs become unavailable after group buys conclude or malfunction during use, making it difficult to replace or modify their builds. Thus, our mission is straightforward: to offer high-quality, easily programmable compatible PCBs, ensuring that the joy of building keyboards remains ever vibrant. We take immense pleasure from this process. Past projects include: 

From the later half of 2021, we decided to move towards the in-stock model for compatible PCBs of popular layouts, evidently in the healthy lineup currently available on our storefront. Group buys are still being run, but more sparingly, and only for boards/layouts whose demand is difficult to gauge. We believe this revised direction offers much more benefits to end users.