Mechlovin' doesn't have a cool and inspiring backstory, nor does it need one. We're simply a bunch of mech enthusiasts who happen to possess suitable sets of expertise and skills to offer value-adding products and services to this wonderful community.

Our work currently focuses on two main parts: doing PCB design & production commissions and running compatible PCB & Plate group buys. With regards to the former, we're lucky to have been able to work with extremely talented keyboard designers on their exciting projects, listed below: 




Merisi Works Merisi Sessantacinque Finished
HAND Engineering Haus Finished CLS-1 TKL Finished CLS-2 65% Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-6C Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-4B (in-stock run) Finished
Axiom Studio Alais Finished
H40 Amano (Round 1) Finished
Arctan Design03 Finished
Singa x TGR Mechlovin' x GSK Unikorn Finished
Singa x TGR Koalakorn Finished
JJW Derivative (in-stock run) Finished
Switch Couture Adelais PCB for Alice cases Ongoing
Keynergy Serratus Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-4B (group buy) Ongoing
H40 Amano (Round 2) Finished
GAF x TGR 910 Finished
LZ Keyboards ErGhost Finished
NRD Kaze Ongoing
Hand Engineering Haus PCB v2 Ongoing
Protozoa Studio Foundation Ongoing CLS-3 TKL Ongoing
Haytco Cake60 Ongoing


A big chunk of our workload is dedicated to offering compatible PCB & Plate solutions to existing boards on the market. Many custom keyboard owners find themselves in awkward situations where the bundled PCBs & Plates are not available after the group buys complete, which makes replacement or swapping builds very difficult. So, the premise is simple: making high-quality, easily programmable compatible PCBs, along with Switch Plates in different materials to keep the building game alive! It's truly a win-win situation, from which we derive great pleasure and motivation. Here's a list of our past group buys: 

 From the later half of 2021, we decided to move towards the in-stock model for compatible PCBs of popular layouts, evidently in the healthy lineup currently available on our storefront. Group buys will still be run, but more sparingly, and only for boards/layouts whose demand is difficult to gauge. We believe this revised direction offers much more benefits to our customers.