Mechlovin' doesn't have a cool and inspiring backstory, nor does it need one. We're simply a bunch of mech enthusiasts who happen to possess suitable sets of expertise and skills to offer value-adding products and services to this wonderful community.

Our work currently focuses on two main parts: doing PCB design & production commissions and running compatible PCB & Plate group buys. With regards to the former, we're lucky to have been able to work with extremely talented keyboard designers on their exciting projects, listed below: 




Merisi Works Merisi Sessantacinque Finished
HAND Engineering Haus Finished CLS-1 TKL Finished CLS-2 65% Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-6C Finished
Hex Keyboards Hex-4B (in-stock run) Finished
Axiom Studio Alais Finished
H40 Amano (Round 1) Finished
Arctan Design03 Finished
Singa x TGR Mechlovin' x GSK Unikorn Finished
Singa x TGR Koalakorn Finished
JJW Derivative (in-stock run) Finished
Switch Couture Adelais PCB for Alice cases Ongoing
Keynergy Serratus Ongoing
Hex Keyboards Hex-4B (group buy) Ongoing
H40 Amano (Round 2) Ongoing
GAF x TGR 910 Ongoing
LZ Keyboards ErGhost Ongoing
NRD Kaze Ongoing


A big chunk of our workload is dedicated to offering compatible PCB & Plate solutions to existing boards on the market. Many custom keyboard owners find themselves in awkward situations where the bundled PCBs & Plates are not available after the group buys complete, which makes replacement or swapping builds very difficult. So, the premise is simple: making high-quality, easily programmable compatible PCBs, along with Switch Plates in different materials to keep the building game alive! It's truly a win-win situation, from which we derive great pleasure and motivation. Here's a list of our past group buys: